Leadership / Contacts

Name / Nickname:  J.T. Patton
Work: Salesman
Family: wife: Kristy, children: Jack & Keaton
Reading / Podcasting:  Timothy Keller, Andy Stanley
Favorite Quote / Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:8-10
Why Project 25:40: to change lives & share the love of Christ around the world...
Contact:  jtpattonjr@gmail.com
Twitter: @jtpattonjr

Name / Nickname:  Matthew Trogdon... Trog
Work: Discipleship Minister
Family: wife: Mendi, children: Sevyn & Rok
Reading / Podcasting: Matt Chandler, Charles Spurgeon
Favorite Quote / Bible Verse: Matthew 5:16 & 6:33
Why Project 25:40: to serve the suffering for Christ...
Contact: trogtrogdon@yahoo.com
Twitter: @trogtrogdon
Name / Nickname:  Ben Wheeler... Benzo
Work: Salesman
Family: wife: Janet, children: Marin
Reading / Podcasting: Max Lucado
Favorite Quote / Bible Verse: Mark 16:17-18
Why Project 25:40: because "there should be no poor among you..."- Deut 15:4
Contact:  bjamin.wheeler@gmail.com
Twitter: @bjaminwheeler

Name / Nickname:  Wil Reed
Work: Owner of TigrBlu Design
Family: children: Ashton & Micah 
Reading / Podcasting: 
Favorite Quote / Bible Verse:
Why Project 25:40:
Contact: wilreed@gmail.com